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Celebrate Black History ALL YEAR by including it into your history lessons. 

Over 45 minutes of historical facts tied into actionable steps.
Tons of downloadable materials to help you get started right away.
Examples of multicultural literature that will inspire your students to read.
A timeline of moments in Black history to include into what you already teach.
This is not curriculum and not a lesson plan!

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We support diversity and inclusion in the classroom.

We believe Black History CAN and SHOULD be taught all year!

FREE Black History classes Returning Soon!

every Saturday at the

Multicultural Children's Bookstore, Richmond, CA

3rd & 4th and 5th Graders       11am—12pm

If you are interested, please email us for updates:


It’s time to be seriously inclusive and diverse!

Learn new, modern, unconventional and powerful approaches to

teaching Black History.

Black History Class

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