Thanks so much for visiting our online bookstore. We are in the midst of unsettling times and education is critical for those who do not understand social justice, racism, the miseducation of young people, and the need for Black history, etc. The Multicultural Children's Bookstore has many books that address these problems.

And while we are on the subject of education, I think it is about time that we stop expecting schools to teach Black History and take it upon ourselves to do it.  I'm creating a virtual Black History class that will be available in the fall; however, in the meantime, parents, friends, relatives, teach our children about their history.

It is so unfair that Black children do not know that they have soooooo many options for careers and professions. They should know that they can be a microbiologist, scientist, astronomer, paleontologist, anthropologist, oceanographer, engineer, CEO of a bank, or Google or Nike, etc. Teaching them our history will let them know that we have been and still are all of those professions. This is not something new for Black people. Give them books to read with them on the cover.

Reading about the contributions of Black people is good for all children. Remember children are not born racist, it is a learned behavior. Let's give them something to feel good about!

Take a look at our store - click here shop I'm sure you'll be pleased with our selections. 


Thanks for thinking of us! Warm regards and stay safe and healthy!

- Tamara

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Discover the World Through Books!

Discover the world of multicultural children’s books under one roof. We have selections for babies to young adults including board, picture and chapter books.

You will find books for these cultures: African American, Latino, Native American Asian/South Asian, Middle Eastern and Filipino. We also feature sections on LGBTQ, Disability and Biracial families.

Just Imagine_bk 1_frontcover 1795 x 2696

Book 1

Jaxon's Magical Adventure with Black Inventors and Scientists

Book 2

Jaxon and Kevin's Black History Trip Downtown

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